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New finance careers hub tipped to attract top accounting talent

August 22, 2019

A new platform created for people seeking a career in accountancy and finance is set to help channel new talent to firms that are recruiting.


Finni was launched in June 2019 to help people make the right decisions when looking to a career in accountancy or finance. The platform provides a host of tools and information to help Australians better understand which path to take as well as connecting them with relevant firms that are recruiting.


A key feature is the salary guide, which helps visitors establish in which area of accountancy they would like to work – and what pay they can expect. This is then broken down on a state by state basis giving the most accurate benchmark of its kind to job seekers. 


The new platform is clearly resonating with finance professionals with month-on-month traffic growth since its launch. In July, visits to the site exceeded 100,000, representing an attractive pool of candidates.

It is also proving popular with firms that are on the lookout for new blood.


Digital director Blair Dods said that Finni helps companies to share their core values, culture and employee experience to get the attention of like-minded talent.


He said job seekers increasingly rely on a company's digital footprint to understand how a company's values align with their own.

“A Finni profile offers a deeper look into whether this is the type of place they would want to work,” said Mr Dods.

“It will give financial services firms access to a new digital touch point to engage new people in brand safe environments, shifting the mindset towards nurturing careers, rather than simple ‘churn and burn’ recruitment.”

Mr Dods said Finni is on a rapid growth trajectory.


“The platform is attracting people from all stages of their finance career, whether they are just starting out in finance or looking to switch finance professions,” he said.


Mr Dods said that Finni is positioned as the first step in the career life cycle for people in the finance industry.

“Finni attracts people to the industry, helps them narrow down their career options and then assists them in getting trained and then finding a job,” he said.


“Once they are qualified, Finni assists them in advancing their career by connecting candidates with ongoing training and development.”

Mr Dods also said that while traditional job boards are more suited for people who know exactly what they're looking for, Finni will focus on guiding uncertain job seekers into a career in finance.


“The two offerings are complementary and Finni will help employers reach the 60 per cent of people that aren't actively looking, but are open to moving into a new position,” he said.


“By crafting and amplifying an authentic employer brand, the company and prospective candidates are both winners. Finni captures, and amplifies, employees’ stories, bringing them to life through authentic and compelling photos and videos.”