IAS are taxation specialists with extensive experience dealing in taxation issues across many diverse industries.


We offer individual taxation services at affordable prices. We ensure that our clients recieve the best return possible and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your taxes.


Our services are not limited to individuals, as we also prepare and lodge tax returns for all structures including; Companies, Trusts and Partnerships. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor a tax strategy for our clients which allows them to maximise their financial position.

Small Businesses


Not as small as you may think! Small business makes up one third of Australia's private industry sector and nearly half of private sector employment.

At IAS we are passionate about small business and we have the tools and know how to ensure your business is set to succeed. We continue to help many business owners strategically minimise tax and maximise returns.


So whether you need advice on starting a new venture or you're looking for a consultant who is as passionate about business as you are, give us a call today.



We offer advice to all our clients whether it be general or specific, business or individual matters.


At IAS we can provide general advice or create a custom made tax minimisation plan for our clients. We can help you reach your short and long term financial goals through effective tax planning. Our advice  also includes retirement planning and superannuation.

Companies & Trusts


Are you starting a new business, buying a house or entering into a partnership? If so you might be asking yourself the following questions:


Should I start a company for my business?

How do I protect my assets? What if my business can no longer trade? Who's Liable?


At IAS we can help you decide and setup the structure that is right for you and make sure you maximise your financial position while protecting yourself and your assets. Give us a call today to ask about trusts and companies.

Financial Reports


Monitoring the financial health of your business can help you to make informed decisions and be aware of where costs have been allocated.


Financial reports such as profit & loss and balance sheet statements will allow you to stay up to date with your businesses financial position. Having sound reporting will also make it easy when applying for business loans, business credit cards and negotiating credit terms with creditors.

Financial Products


We have developed strong relationships with reputable financial services businesses in South Australia. As an IAS client we can point you in the right direction when you are in need of a financial product free of charge. Whether it be loans, insurance or wills we can refer you to the best in the industry.


Have peace of mind when it comes to your finances and allow us to create a hassle free experience.